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Muse Sessions

The Process

Our Muse Sessions are a special experience for the creative souls. These sessions are what they sound like, you become my muse and I will turn you into art. 


The start of your experience is when you reach out! Just fill out the contact form, found here, and I'll get back to you asap.


After the consult call, I will create your concept and a custom mood board for you. Once approved I will proceed with shopping for your session. Wardrobe and props will be bought as needed and if necessary, a set will be created. Although we may use digital backgrounds depending on your session.

We will schedule a video call for after your session. During this call we will go through all your images and make your final choices. You'll have the option to make additional purchases at this point. You can also upgrade this to a same day reveal.


After you reach out, we will set up a quick consult call. This is a 20-minute phone call where we discuss the details, answer any questions, & schedule your session.


It's finally here, your session day! You'll receive a prep guide before your session so you're ready for it. You'll spend the first 90 minutes getting pampered in hair and makeup. After that I'll guide you through the wardrobe options and then we will start on the 60 minute session, where I will pose you from your head to your toes.



The Cost

The Muse Sessions are different from our other sessions. It is still an all inclusive collection, but it is a much more customizable collection to ensure the concept works. The average client spends about $3500.

Base Collection- $2000

Every session includes:

-A 20-minute consult call

-Custom concept planning & mood board

-Complimentary hair & makeup

-Custom wardrobe & props

-A 60-minute session

-An image reveal

-10 photo prints

-Corresponding digital images


Fashion Designers, Models, and Verified Sex Workers please reach out for a custom quote as that service is different and cost varies.

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