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Be my muse and see what it's like to be a super model for a day. Focusing in dark and mystical concepts, these are fully stylized creative concept photoshoots where you are the muse and I turn you into art.

Let's Talk About Money, Honey

Muse sessions are all inclusive experiences, but the costs can vary depending on the concept. We start with the base collection and then any additional costs are added on during the planning stage. You are a part of the planning process so you will get a say in what is added on or not. 

The base collection includes the bare minimum for standard concepts but is extremely customizable. Most clients spend about $3500 and payment plans are available.

Base Collection $2000

-Consult Call

-2-4 Planning Meetings

-Custom Concept Planning and Mood Board

-Professional Hair and Makeup

-Custom Wardrobe and Props

-1 Hour Session

-Private Image Reveal

-10 Photographic Prints and Corresponding Digital Images

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