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The Fairy Getaway

One of our main sets. Satin sheets, candles, and lots of faux plants bring the whole room together. Recently updated with a gorgeous mirror and hanging wisteria this set will allow you to live your fairy dreams.


The Witch's Hearth

A faux fireplace, oddities, crystals, and more candles bring all the mystical vibes in.

Unique Boudoir Studio
Witchy Boudoir Studio

Client Space

Outside of our shooting spaces we also have plenty of client space including a changing room with a full-length lighted mirror, a lighted vanity, an extensive client closet, and a cozy client lounge. Which is where we have refreshments, samples of our luxury products, and a tv for you to view your images on. 

Luxury Boudoir Photographer
Kansas City Boudoir Studio
Unique Boudoir Studio
Kansas City Boudoir Studio
Kansas City Boudoir Photography
Kansas City Boudoir Photographer
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