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Explore Our Studio

Moonspell Studios consists of 2 main shooting rooms along with the client lounge. Our studio is currently being redecorated but the boudoir room is finished! Check back later for updated images of the rest of the space.

The Boudoir Room

The back room of our studio has been converted into a sensual and moody boudoir room. Along with the Boudoir Client Closet there the moody bed set with all the plants and our baroque inspired wardrobe set. The hallway leading into the boudoir room has partially been transformed into a light set.

The Portrait Room

The front room of our studio is where classic portrait work takes place as well as where themed minis are located. This dynamic room contains: a classic backdrop system with multiple backdrop colors, the Portrait Client Closet, the glam station, and any other pop-up sets that are currently in use. Pop up sets can be bonus sets like the cloud set or temporary themed sets like. This room is currently in progress so photos will be updated at a later date.

Client Space

Our antechamber has everything needed to keep you comfy during your session, from cozy chairs to a mirror to our refreshments stand. This lounge space also contains the picture windows, so lighting is perfect for the classic pre-session selfie.

Outside our studio is a shared lobby space. In this space is where you will find our restroom. The restroom is stocked with various hygiene and menstruation supplies, as well as face wash if you're looking to remove your makeup before leaving. 

These spaces are also in progress so photos will be updated later as well.

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