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Meet Kimberly

Kansas City Boudoir Photographer

My Why...

We are going to start with the super important stuff, my why. The reasons behind why I do photography and why I think that makes me the perfect photographer for you.
I've been an artist my entire life, but I discovered photography in high school and  fell in love. Mixing traditional photography with my artistic and theatrical background has led to a very fulfilling career path for me. I love getting to create fun sets, tell unique stories, and turn my clients into the artwork they never knew they needed.

As an autistic,
queer, plus size person of color I have experienced a lot of discrimination and disappointment when booking photoshoots for myself. After all of my own struggles I realized there is a huge hole in the market. I wanted to create an inclusive brand, a space where everyone is celebrated for the things that make them unique.
I also didn't want to sacrifice the things that make me, me. So, in my studio you find lots of candles, purple, crystals, and an assortment of weird but beautiful things. At Moonspell Studios we believe in being you to the fullest extent.

That's my wife! You can't see her face in this photo but trust me she's hot!

Kansas City Portrait Photographer
Queer Kansas City Photographer
Kansas City Boudoir Photographer

My Photography Journey...

I have been obsessed with photography since high school. I had a super cheap "digital camera," literally was like $10 from the Dollar General. I fell in love with it and that hasn't really changed since. 
In 2017 I decided I wanted to learn more and become a professional photographer. At the time I was focused on nature and travel photography. Then through school I found my love of portraiture. I made it my focus in 2019 when I officially launched my business. 2019 was also the year I discovered the magic of boudoir.

So Creative Portraiture?

Ok, so in school we had to learn basic portrait stuff. Think like senior pictures. I honestly hated it. It was so boring and there really isn't a need for yet another portrait photographer.
I am an artist through and through. I was raised by a painter/poet, my family has a lot of musicians, art is in my blood. I think it's why the traditional stuff doesn't hold my attention. So I figured, lets do this portrait stuff, but make it fun. Just throw all the creativity at it. Why not help style all the sessions too. Let's just make it a whole production. Its a blast for me and whoever is adventurous enough to book a muse
session with me! I get to be creative and make an entire vision come to life, and they get to be treated like an actual model, AND we get to hang out and be friends! Like seriously its amazing and I can't imagine doing it any other way.

Why Boudoir?

In 2019 I was at a pretty low point in my self confidence. I absolutely hated the way I looked. So, I booked a boudoir shoot. It seemed a little crazy but I had kinda done something similar before and it had made me feel beautiful. So I decided to do it again, but for real this time. After I got my photos back I fell in love with myself and was able to develop some much needed self confidence.
After seeing what boudoir could do for me, I realized that was one of the things I loved about portraiture. The look on people's faces when I showed them the final images. The way I could actually see each person's self confidence rise after a shoot. I then realized I could get that times 100 by doing boudoir. So I did some more learning and lots of practice and it's now one of my specialties. Basically what I'm saying is that boudoir is an amazing transformative journey that can do wonders for your self esteem and I am addicted to the joy I feel when I get to be the one to bring that to people.

Oh, Did You Wanna Know More About Me??

       Well when I actually have to talk about myself I'm not very good at the putting together of the words, so here is a ramble-y mess of things about me.

I am completely and madly in love with my wife. She is literally what 80's heartthrob dreams are made of. I could go on, but this is supposed to be about me so I'll stop there. We have two dogs and a cat. I love most animals, but nothing compares the how cute my cat is. She a little runt of a black cat that drools when she's pet.

I love a lot of different things, and every thing I love becomes "my absolute favorite" thing. So instead of talking about a bunch of things I love here is an incomplete list of some of my favorite things that will hopefully fulfill your need to get to know me: llamas, travel, 80's movies, gel pens, scrunchies, fainting goats, office supplies, flowers, makeup, cooking, baking, swimming, painting, watching 90's cartoons (specifically Rugrats and TMNT), drive in movie theaters, milkshakes, pajamas, and the night sky.

Basically, I'm a pretty cool person who has a pretty hot wife and some pretty awesome fur babies.

Wanna get to know me personally? Come hang out in our private Facebook group!

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Kansas City Boudoir Photographer
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Kansas City Boudoir Photographer
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