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The Moonspell Experience

Our focus is in boudoir and conceptual photography. Whether you're looking for a moody boudoir session or you want to be turned into a fantastical piece of art, we are ready for you!


So, how does it work...

I know booking a boudoir session can be intimidating, but all you have to do is reach out and I'll do the rest. Within 24 hours you will receive a reply. We'll discuss what you're looking for, what I offer, and answer any questions you may have. We will also narrow down your session date and get you booked in. Due to production times, your session needs to take place at least 6 weeks before you need your products back.


Once you're booked in...

The time between booking in and your session date is used to prepare you for your session. This time can also be used to complete a payment plan, more financial info can be found below. You'll receive multiple emails including the client prep guide, studio location information, and a session prep questionnaire.


What about the session day...

The day of your session you'll come to the studio in Blue Springs, about 30 minutes outside of Kansas City. When you arrive, you'll get settled in with refreshments then be pampered by our professional makeup artist. After you've been beautified I will guide you through the client closet and go over anything you brought. Throughout the session I will coach you through poses to ensure you look your best.


What about ordering products...

If you upgraded to a same day reveal, then you will head out to lunch while I get started on your images. You'll come back and we will go through your images and get your order finalized. That includes choosing any prints you've prepaid for as well as any products you may want to add on. Any products purchased during the reveal must be paid for in full. If you add them to your collection when you book, then the costs will be added to your payment plan.

If you are not doing a same day reveal, then we will go through the same process a week or two after your session day. The reveal will also be done over video chat instead of in person.

Production times vary, but when your products are delivered you will come back to the studio to pick them up. 

Our Boudoir Portfolio

Our Portrait Portfolio

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