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5 Myths About Boudoir

Updated: Apr 10

1: Boudoir is Just Sexy Photos.

Ok so there is a little bit of truth to this myth. When you do a boudoir session you are absolutely going to have some sexy photos. More importantly though, you are going to have some beautiful images of you feeling comfortable in your own body. Some boudoir sessions are done in lingerie or even nude, and others are done in cozy t shirts and oversized sweaters. It really comes down to what you want out of your boudoir session. I have clients who just like taking sexy photos, it makes them happy, and that is completely ok and valid. I also have clients who just want to boost their confidence and treat themselves to a little self love. Which is exactly what boudoir does.

2: It's Only for Skinny Women.

Now this one is just straight up FALSE. I myself love having boudoir photos done and am a plus size enby. Self confidence is something everyone can benefit from regardless of size or gender, and since that is what boudoir is really about it means boudoir is for everyone.

3: Boudoir is Only for People with a Specific Style.

This is an outdated myth. Boudoir used to be associated with a very specific style that honestly just doesn't work for most people. Now a days though, there are so many different photographers out there that you can absolutely find one who fits your style. There are literally so many styles from natural to boho to witchy glam (aka my own style). Look around until you find what you're looking for.

4: It Means Your Nudes will be Online.

Nope. Plenty of clients have this fear but not a single image goes online unless you give your consent and sign a form. Both of which can be revoked if you change your mind after seeing your images. Your photos never have to be online just to experience the beauty that is Boudoir.

5: Boudoir is too Expensive.

This is another false myth. There is a wide range of boudoir photographers out there and you can definitely find one for any budget. The more expensive photographers offer a more luxury experience and so their prices must match that. I personally offer a full luxury experience and not just a photo shoot. I deal in confidence and prints and those don't come cheap, but I do offer payment plans to put that experience fully in reach of any budget.


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