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Honey Boudoir: Brittany

We've all seen the honey boudoir sessions. I honestly don't like most of them. Like they're beautiful in terms of photography skill, but they aren't anything I've been interested in. Until I saw one that was more of a wet beauty type of vibe. So, obviously I had to do my own take on it!

I grabbed a friend of mine and some honey, and we got to work. Neither of us had ever shot with honey before and had no clue what to expect! Well, its sticky hair, honey that dries and gets a crispy skin too fast, and everything getting sticky.

I know "duh Kimberly what else were you expecting?" Ok well listen, I was thinking of the beauty, not the sticky. I definitely didn't consider my sensory issues or how the honey might spread everywhere and take months for the bathroom to no longer be sticky. No seriously it took 3 months for the bathroom floor to stop being sticky, and that was after a ton of scrubbing and mopping.

If you saw the honey minis, then I'm sure you realize I love the look and put up with the sticky to keep creating these super sweet photos.


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