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How to Prepare for Your Boudoir Session

Updated: Apr 10

Getting ready for your boudoir session can be very nerve wracking, but I'm here to help calm those nerves. Taking your prep time seriously and starting early will help you come in and absolutely slay your session!

3-4 Weeks Before Your Session

1. Look over the wardrobe guide you were sent.

Shop your closet then check out some local shops for some new items! Choose a couple of outfits to bring to your session and think about what kind of pieces you might want to borrow from the client closet.

2.Think of the future.

If you haven't chosen your collection yet now is the time to narrow down how you would like to display your images after the session. Maybe you did choose a collection, but you are thinking about upgrading, this is the perfect time to make those decisions!

1 Week Before

1. Start stretching.

A boudoir session is quite a workout, if you start stretching now, you'll be nice and limber by the time your session starts.

2. Drink more water.

Up your water intake and keep it up until the day of your session. This will make your skin look so smooth and fresh.

3. Take care of any tan lines or hair removal.

If you have tan lines, it's time to try evening those out. Avoid spray tanning or you risk staining the items in the studio. This is also the perfect time to get any waxing done to give your skin time to settle if you have any kind of reaction.

4. Last chance to take advantage of prepaid bonuses.

If you haven't chosen a collection or are wanting to upgrade now is your last chance to do so and receive any prepaid bonuses. Any purchases made the day of or later will not be eligible for any bonuses.

1 Day Before

1. Do your nails.

Whether you prefer to do them at home or go to a salon, it's time to freshen up those nails! Your fingers and toes will show up in your photos so make sure they look wonderful!

2. Hydrate!

Continue to hydrate and avoid any alcohol so your skin looks luminous and is ready for your close up!

3. Pack your Boudie bag.

Pack any outfits you want to bring the day before, so you aren't running around the day of. Also bring any lotions or shoes, or anything else you may want to bring. Don't forget to remove all tags from new items!

4. Check your map app.

Enter the address into your favorite navigation app and make sure you know how long it's going to take to get to the studio, so you arrive on time.

5. Get Hyped!

You're almost there it's time to get excited!!

The Day Of

1. Eat Breakfast.

Do not come to your session after skipping a meal, you risk fainting and that will bring your session to an abrupt halt. If you are worried about bloating avoid salty food and have some lighter foods.

2. Wash your face and moisturize your body.

Your session includes a full skin care routine, so you just need to show up with a clean face, no makeup leftover from the day before, and clean dry hair. You'll also want to moisturize your body to look your absolute best throughout the day.

3. Do some light stretches.

Continue your stretch routine so you are loose for your session, but don't do a full yoga workout or anything that will leave you sore or sweaty.

4. Go commando!

You want to wear loose and comfortable clothing to avoid any impressions on your skin. Loose undergarments are also great, although going commando and skipping the bra will ensure you have no creases in your skin throughout your shoot.

5. Arrive on time.

Leave with enough time that you know you will arrive a few minutes early that way you don't have to start your session with stress or running around in a panic.

6. Sit back and be pampered.

Let us take care of you and hype you up for the next three hours! Live in the moment and you'll leave feeling like the absolute divine being you are.


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