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8 Reasons to Book A Boudoir Session

Updated: Apr 10

A boudoir session is such a fun & empowering experience for everyone! Making the decision to book a session on the other hand, can be a little intimidating. Every client has their own reason's for why they booked, but if you're looking for some more reasons here is a list of the top eight.

1. Self Care

We all need to do stuff just for ourselves every once in a while. A boudoir session is a wonderful option for that! You get to come into the studio, get pampered by our hair & makeup artist, play dress up in some fun lingerie, and get told how amazing you look by me and my assistant. By the time you're done you've spent an entire day all about you, you got to be the center of attention, and you get some gorgeous photos out of it!

2. A Gift for Your Partner

After you've made yourself feel absolutely divine, you get a gorgeous album, or maybe some steamy wall art, that you can wrap up and gift to your partner. Whether it's for a birthday, anniversary, or a just because gift, they are sure to love it.

3. Celebration

Did you just graduate with your masters, have a baby, get your dream job, get engaged? Whatever it is you're wanting to celebrate boudoir is the perfect way to do so!

4. New Lingerie

Finding new lingerie that you absolutely love is the perfect reason to come in for a boudoir session! Or you can check out the client closet during your session and try on different styles of lingerie you might not have considered before.

5. Try Something New

It's time to break those comfort levels and try something you've never considered before. You might be nervous at first but by the end of your session you will have found a whole new side to yourself.

6. Boost Your Self Confidence

Are you on a journey to loving yourself and your body more? Then a boudoir session is perfect for you! There is nothing more empowering than an experience that makes you feel free, beautiful, and at home in your body. Every single one of my clients is gorgeous and they always know that by the time they leave the studio.

7. Time is Fleeting

Time truly does fly by, you blink and its been ten years. What better way to capture the essence of who you are in this moment than a boudoir session? Not after you've lost those 10lbs or had that surgery you've been considering, but now. You will never be the exact same person you are now again. Why not freeze a moment in time so you can see exactly how amazing you look and have these memories for the future.

8. Just Because

You deserve something fun just because. You deserve to enjoy a day all about you. It's a fun way to pass a Friday. You work hard and deserve to just take some time to treat your self. Boudoir is a lot of fun and has a lot of benefits so why not book a session and try something new, just because.


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